The goal of this workshop is to discuss the physics cases and to asses the feasibility of the proposals of experiments to be submitted to the forthcoming GANIL PAC. Following the approach of the previous call for the GANIL PAC meeting, proposals foreseeing any setup involving AGATA are welcome.

Several LoI have been already discussed in the 2016 AGATA Workshop. In the 2018 pre-PAC Workshop those foreseen to become a proposal to be submitted to the GANIL PAC in 2018 are expected to be presented and discussed.

This meeting also aims at stimulating discussions on new experimental strategies and approaches to optimize the physics output of AGATA and exploit its unique capabilities.

It is important to note that all proposals using AGATA will have to be discussed in this workshop before being submitted to the PAC. This is to ascertain feasibility and to avoid overlaps.

You are very welcome to send to the campaign managers the LoI/proposals before January 30th 2018. Please include a description of the experimental setup, beam (energy, intensity), target(s), and the justified request of beam time. This will allow us to check the technical issues.


The AGATA Workshop will start at 14:30 on February 7th and will finish before lunch time on February 9th. It will be held at the conference room of the GANIL guesthouse.

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